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Vicky Besia Victoria Besenhofer Artist

Welcome to the vibrant world of Victoria Besenhofer, a versatile artist with boundless creativity.


Victoria Besenhofer channels her artistic expression through the mesmerizing medium of abstract acrylic paintings on canvas or cardboard, creating visual symphonies that captivate the imagination. As a passionate and intuitive artist, Victoria Besenhofer immerses herself in the intricate dance of colors, textures, and forms. Each stroke on the canvas is a deliberate exploration, guided by her innate sense of artistic intuition. What sets her apart is her relentless pursuit of gut feeling, as she meticulously applies layers upon layers of acrylic paint until the masterpiece comes to life.


Her paintings are a harmonious blend of chaos and control, where structure emerges of her different technique and brushstrokes. The interplay of light and shadow, coupled with the dynamic use of color, creates a visual feast for the senses. In Victoria’s world, every painting tells a unique story. Whether it’s the fusion of bold and subtle hues or the dynamic play of textures, each piece is a reflection of her artistic journey. The canvas becomes a playground where emotions, thoughts, and inspiration converge to form a kaleidoscope of visual delights.

VIctoria's Story in flyover

Victoria’s unique artistic perspective is shaped by her background in graphic design, providing her with a solid understanding of composition, balance, and visual communication. Her exploration into the realm of self-taught artistry has been a captivating evolution, where each stroke on the canvas is a testament to her dedication to mastering the language of colors and forms. In her artwork, you’ll witness the seamless fusion of graphic design principles and the boundless freedom of abstract expression. Victoria navigates the canvas with an artist’s eye trained in design aesthetics, creating a visual symphony where each element plays a crucial role in the overall composition. Victoria was born *1982 in Vienna, Austria where she still lives and breathes.


Making of
"Circling Around", 2022